• OUR BUSINESS TMC business model prioritises farmers’ welfare, the environment, and the communities we serve.  As a premium organic cocoa brand, we combine a socially responsible business model with high-quality natural ingredients to showcase our commitment to sustainable farming and environmental stewardship.

    Through our business practices, we invest in local projects, contribute to food security, and support the development of rural areas by providing opportunities for young people. Three Mountains Cocoa is anchored in our dedication to fostering a sustainable, transparent, and thriving cocoa industry for future generations.
  • OUR MISSION We aim to cultivate a brighter future by fostering sustainable, regenerative, and transparent practices in the cocoa industry. We are dedicated to empowering cocoa farming communities in Ghana, protecting the environment, and promoting social and economic equity.

    Through our commitment to regenerative agriculture, responsible business practices, and collaborative partnerships, we improve the lives of farmers and their families while delivering premium, organic cocoa products to the world. Together, we create lasting change. 
  • LESLIE AGYARE Social Impact Entrepreneur
    & CEO
    Business Development
  • STEPHEN ASHIA Organic Consultant
    Environmental & Social Management Expert
  • Ense Mble-Mazi
    Operational Team
  • ADVISORS (5)
    • Dr. Kristy Leissle
      Scholar of Cocoa & Chocolate
    • Sophi Tranchell, MBE,
      Former Group CEO for Divine Chocolate
    • Dr. Maria Panta
      Social & Impact Development
    • Sonal Vara-Parmer
      Founder & CEO IAM Management
    • David Whittingham
      Non Executive Director
  • TMC Cooperative Union (2)
    • Yaw Dankwa, Co-operative
      Union President
    • 40 Elected Committee Delegates
  • PARTNERS (3)
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