Why Organic? A Journey Towards a Revival of Cocoa Farming in Ghana

5 of Jul 2023

In the lush cocoa forests of Ghana, a stirring of change is underway. Change that is good for the people and the planet. Three Mountains Cocoa is on a drive to promote and encourage organic farming methods among the cocoa growers of the West African nation.

“Organic” is more than a feel-good buzzword or a marketing ploy; it has tangible real-world benefits for everyone involved, including mother nature herself.

  • If one were to speak to the farmers who have turned their plantations away from conventional farming methods towards doing things organically, one is immediately overcome with tales of farmers who had a litany of health complaints thanks to the exposure to chemical agents of herbicides, pesticides, and artificial fertilisers. Now, under organic conditions, there is an overall health improvement among the farmers, proving that going organic is not just an environmentally conscious choice; but also a humanitarian one.

  • The shift to organic farming practices served as a welcome invitation to avian and insect life. The forests are teeming with birdlife again, and pollinating insects are making a comeback. The fields are alive with the chatter of birds and the hum of beneficial insects. The resurgence in biodiversity stands as a testament to the resilience of nature if only given a chance.

    Equally remarkable is the change in the very skin of mother earth – the soil. Once hardened and lifeless, the soil in which Three Mountains cocoa grows is now teeming with life and vitality. The soil is no longer hardpacked but permeable, accommodating a plethora of organisms that contribute to a healthier ecosystem.

    This enriched soil structure further enhances water retention, nutrient supplies, and overall crop health; all essential attributes which define productive and sustainable agriculture.

  • The most profound evidence of the benefits of organic cocoa farming lies in the trees themselves. A stroll through the farms reveals the coca trees with vibrant green leaves, a stark contrast to the jaundiced yellow foliage which sprouted under conventional farming practices. And the yield itself is the proof of the pudding: pods no longer just grow on the branches but even on the very trunks of the trees, delivering a higher crop yield.

    Organic cocoa farming in Ghana paints a picture of a more sustainable, harmonious, and thriving agricultural landscape. It highlights how moving away from chemical-dependent practices benefits not only the environment but also the well-being of farmers and the health of cocoa trees.

    As indulgent chocolate consumers, understanding the cocoa beans’ origin and cultivation practices allows for more informed and ethical choices. The sweetness of Ghana’s cocoa, when savoured in a bar of chocolate, carries a story of resilience, transformation, and the promise of a healthier planet. In this narrative, every bite is a testament to the joy of working with nature rather than against it.

    At TMC, organic is not just good for the planet and good for the people. We also produced damn fine cocoa.

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